Everyone who wanders into Roger’s shop, automatically stops at the door and takes a deep breathe. It’s amazing how many memories are stirred up by the smell of a wood shop. Whether it reminds them of their granddad’s shop or a walk in the woods, everyone has a story to share just from walking in.

But then they look around at the beauty of the fresh-cut lumber and feel the smoothness of the latest project on the bench and they know that new memories are built here everyday.

Bayne Custom Woodworking based in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee designs and builds furniture and high quality children’s toys in the Middle Tennessee area. From the beginning of a project design, to selecting the wood at one of our local mills to completion in the workshop, owner, Roger Bayne is there making every measure and cut.

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Toys and things built over the past couple of years for our grandchildren

February 18, 2018
Of all the things I build, toys for my grandchildren will always top of my enjoyment list. Below is a quick post of some of the toys built for birthdays, Christmas and “just cause” I’m Grandpa Wheel Barrel made with Poplar body, Cedar handles and legs. Riding carts with storage in the back. Made of Poplar with oak dowels as handles. Swivel wheels to allow for mobility Child’s push cart made of Poplar and painted with Acrylic paint for durability.  I used lawn mower wheels and steel rod for axle.    Bathroom stool to assist in reaching those hard to reach faucets and washing hands Story boards to track height, growth and memories. Names added for each child and built to be portable. What is hard to show is there are measurement markings on each board starting at 36″ so the board can be mounted at 24″ from floor and measure up to 72″   Learning steps/Stool so the can all color together or help grandma bake.   

Do you have a room with wall paper and need a change?

January 27, 2018
Covering wallpaper with faux ship-lap using sanded plywood We finally had a weekend to get the spare bedroom updated. But it was sandwiched between two busy weeks so we needed the change to happen quickly. We had already decided to remove the wallpaper border and repaint the 3 yellow walls and ceiling but we just didn’t want to remove that full wall of wallpaper. After spending two hours plus removing the 12 inch border we knew we had to come up with a better solution for the wall. I had helped our son-in-law add ship-lap to their house in August, so we decided it would be a good solution in this room too. This was not a very expensive process and my shoulders appreciated not having the stress of removing the wallpaper. We started by asking our local @HomeDepot to cut 1/2″ sanded plywood into 6″ strips. (TIP: I stopped in and gave them the order and paid for it a day before we needed it, so they could do it when they had time.) Once cut, we sanded one face using our @Supermax drum sander, but it would be easy enough to sand with an orbital sander. This will make it easier to clean the wall in the future and to avoid tiny slivers. Then I ran each piece through the router table with a round over bit in order to give the impression of actual ship-lap when mounted to the wall. Because the wall was 10 feet and the boards are only 8 feet I located the studs with a stud finder and then determine the length to cut the first board in order to land in the center of a stud. I cut the first board to 88″ and the next one to 32″ for the first row. This room had an issue with the ceiling not being completely flat so I needed to use my 4′ level to start the first row straight. Once this was complete I started the first board of the second row from the opposite end allowing the seams to be at opposite ends of the wall. I was them able to rotate the seams all the way down the wall. I have a nice @dewalttough 16 gauge nail gun that worked very well to attach the boards to the wall. We then primed the faux ship-lap wall and painted it with a semi dark gray @BehrPaint. We painted the other three walls a lighter color to compliment our faux ship-lap accent wall.   This weekend project turned out better than we expected and we did it all for under $300. A quick fix for this spare bedroom. See final results below.   

Rocking Chairs

December 30, 2017
I have made it a practice to build each grandchild an oak rocking chair for a gift on their second Christmas. This year both Teagan and Jonas celebrated their second Christmas so each one received their rocking chair. This is the third chair I have made with the first being 3 years old and holding up very well. Made of Oak and stained with either Dark Walnut or English Chestnut and then multiple coats of polyurethane.  Each chair weighs in at about 10 lbs so they wont be carried around much, but also don’t slide away from the child as they back up to sit in the chair.   

Art Table

December 30, 2017
Child’s Art Table: Whether it’s for washable paints, washable markers or crayons, your child will have hours of fun creating and discovering their imagination with this table. This was the biggest hit with both parents and grandchildren this year. This was created after being asked by my oldest granddaughter for an easel when she was 3. However when I mentioned this to my artist wife, she didn’t like the idea of those child water-color paints running down the easel and making a mess. So after some idea sharing we came up with this art table.      The table is 36″ long x 23 1/4″ wide. This size is because we chose to use melamine as the work space or cleaning purposes and this is the size sold at Lowes. It sits 4 inches off the floor or a table top if you choose to place it on a table. We have found if it sits on the floor that our younger grandchildren actually feel comfortable enough to climb on it and sit while they color. The paper roll support (23 1/4″ x 4″)is made from 3/4″ oak with a 3/4″ oak dowel to hold the roll. I added a 1/2″ oak dowel to run the paper under in order for the paper to stay in place. This paper roll sits on top of the work space and is secured with screws. What is not shown in the drawing is that I used a flat bungee strap, purchased at Lowes, in order to hold the paper down at the opposite end of the work table. The canister holder (23 1/4″ x 4″) is also made of 3/4″ oak with 5 3″ holes to hold the paint/brush containers we purchased from Amazon. I added a solid board, planed to 1/2″ so not to interfere with the containers we ordered in order to secure the canister holder to table apron for stability. The legs are milled to 1 1/2″ x 1 1/2″ x 4″ and are secured together by 1 1/2″ apron. On the paper roll end as well as both front and back, the legs and apron are located 2″ in from the edge. On the canister end, the legs and apron are flush to the end. This placement allows for the Canister holder to be secured to the apron. The top of the canister holder will be flush with the top of the work space. Materials: Because I mill my own material all dimensions are actual and not nominal. 1 – 1x4x8 Oak Board for Paper Holder and Canister holder 1 – 3/4″ Oak Dowel 1 – 1/2″ Oak Dowel 1 – 2x4x8 used to mill legs 1 – 1x4x8 pine for apron I used stained and polyurethane on all the oak for easy cleaning. The legs and apron can be painted or stained at your discretion Amazon purchases: @Crayola Washable Kid’s Paint Dreampark 2 Pack Children Art Smock Kids Art Aprons with Waterproof Long Sleeve 3 Roomy Pockets @melissaanddougtoys –

Plan for Lego Table with shelves

December 6, 2017
Lego Table Plans: A day off from the day job to create a Lego table as a Christmas present for my oldest granddaughter. Thanks to @shanty2chic for the train table plans to get me started. I adapted and resized to make sure it would fit in her dads car. Then cut it in half and hinged it for easy transport. Thanks also to @ridgidpowertools @kregjig @supermaxtools@titebondproducts #teamridgid This is my first attempt at creating plans for one of my projects. I have included the pdf with materials, tools and cut list. Any advice on how to improve the plans for easier understanding is welcome. Download PDF here      

Cutting boards added to Etsy site

December 4, 2017
Oak Cutting Boards Whether you want to use it to serve during Christmas meal or New Years eve celebration, these cutting boards are ready to use out of the box. Do you need a gift for that secret Santa exchange at work or family Christmas party? Why not give a hand made, one of a kind gift?  

Chairs and Table

October 31, 2017
Console Table From November 2-4, 2017 there was an event here in Nashville called Christy Wright’s Business Boutique. Becky’s Graphic Design had a booth there to provide graphic design opportunities to attendees. I was asked to provide 2 chairs for relaxing and chatting, as well as a table close to counter height to provide a space for materials, information gathering and coffee cup resting. We found this live edge slab at the Grand Cedar Mill here in Lebanon, TN and we knew we could make something beautiful with it and Becky had a plan before we got home. I trimmed four feet of the 12 ft. long x 2 in. x 14 inch wide board to use for the table. We found the hairpin legs on Etsy and they shipped them within a week. We made them 32 inches high to accommodate the booth. The final set up worked really well and provided one of the best looking booths at the event!

Adirondack Chairs

September 12, 2017
Last pieces for the Millers I had cut all the materials for 2 Adirondack chairs to take up with the dresser and loft bed. However because of space they had to go disassembled. David asked if he could put them together. Sure I said and handed him the plans and materials. Keep in mind he had never put them together before. Great job David!  

Miller Family House

September 4, 2017
Bunk Beds, Dresser and Bathroom Vanity A few months ago my daughter asked me to build her a new dresser because it was time to sell their home and find a bit larger one for their family. While I was at it, could I also build a bunk/loft bed so they could move the girls into the same bedroom. My kids always provide me with challenges, but that also means they are guinea pigs while I try new designs and processes. So she provided me with a picture of the loft bed and we found plans on on “The House of Wood” for the dresser. As we always do, we adjusted things just a bit to fit the clients needs and wants.  Both items were built here in Mt Juliet Tn., disassembled and packed into a uhaul trailer and driven 425 miles.  Fortunately the house they bought has a few large garages/barns where we assembled everything and painted/sanded and painted again. My daughter needed a new sink in her upstairs bathroom. Which needed a new vanity to be built. She provided the picture and I made up plans on the fly to fit the new sink.  

Sliding Barn Door Project

May 19, 2017
Custom Sliding Barn Door My latest project is ready to be hung and used between a master bedroom and master bath. At 96″ x 42″ this door is built with Poplar wood and stained with Minwax Dark Walnut to match the furniture in the room. After standing it up in the room we get great contrasts with the lighter floor and it blends well with the green walls. Fortunately for me I only had to build it, the customer will do the installation. This project was nice because provided a couple hours of workshop time with my son, Jeremy. It’s not often these days that we get to build together.  

Cedar Planter

February 11, 2017
A New Home for the Strawberries The day started off with a trip to Grant Cedar mill in Gordonsville, Tn. With the wood loaded up and strapped down it’s time to head home. Nice way to start the weekend after a long week at the office. This cedar planter project is for my sweet wife. She has been fighting with the squirrels over her strawberries and the squirrels are winning – remember the saying “Happy Wife, Happy Life?” That’s my goal for today. Back to the shop for cutting and assembly. 2 1/2 hours later and it’s ready for dirt. We didn’t want to fill the entire planter to full depth so we built a ledge about 12 inches down and laid wood planks across the width, added a plant cloth to keep the dirt from dropping down and added a combination of soil and fertilizer. A few days later we attached a cage with a top lid to make the squirrels crazy and we’ve had the best strawberry year ever!  

Faux Fireplace

December 2, 2016
Christmas Presents 2016 First of many Christmas presents finished and delivered this weekend. This faux fireplace was a request from our daughter in Indiana. She wanted a focal point for their main living area and this was the project she sent me to create. Thanks to rogueengineer.com for providing the plans. Built out of Poplar wood with white satin paint. We purchased crown molding at our favorite Lowes and cut it using the Kreg Crown Molding Pro   The finished project – built in Nashville and delivered and installed in South Bend. NOTE: February 2017 the kids sold their house and the new buyers insisted the fireplace stayed!  
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