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  • Creating a Floating shelf
    DIY Floating shelves
  • Wooden Baby Stroller Photos
    Building a Wooden Doll Stroller
  • Child's Shopping Cart Build
    Building a Child’s Wooden Shopping Cart
  • How to use a moisture meter
    Wood Moisture and Furniture Building
  • Gift ideas for your woodworker
    11 Gift Ideas for Woodworkers and Makers each under $70

DIY Floating shelves

February 18, 2019
There is no real mystery to floating shelves. You need something attached to the wall with supports that the actual shelf will slide into hiding the support attached to the wall. Or you can use that support as part of the shelf. Here is how I did it. Disclaimer up front: I purchased a Festool

Building a Wooden Doll Stroller

January 22, 2019
The perfect gift for a little girl Our second granddaughter is very, very tiny. When she was born she reminded me of a fragile tea cup so her nickname is “Teacup”. We needed something that matched her size and personality. She is in love with her babies therefore building a wooden doll stroller

Building a Child’s Wooden Shopping Cart

January 7, 2019
Wooden Toys for Kids This year our eldest granddaughter showed me a photo of a child’s wooden shopping cart and asked if I could build it. “Of course” I said, and then went searching for plans! I was able to find a nice set of plans to use here. These plans for the shopping cart

Wood Moisture and Furniture Building

December 11, 2018
How to know if your wood is dry enough to use on your project I’m always concerned with the amount of moisture in the wood I purchase. Before I begin a project I always check the woods moisture level.  Wood moves as it is, but if there is too much moisture, the joints won’t stay matched.

11 Gift Ideas for Woodworkers and Makers each under $70

November 18, 2018
Our favorite tools that make every project easier (and safer too!) I’m often asked for gift ideas for woodworkers, so we put together a list of 11 Gift Ideas for Woodworkers and Makers under $70.00 (it was supposed to be 10, but I couldn’t decide which to leave off!) These are tools

Keeping the dust down while Routering.

November 9, 2018
A review of the Dewalt dwp615 The Problem Using a router inside the shop makes for a dusty shop. In the past to keep the dust down when using my hand held trim or plunge router I would roll the projects out of the shop to avoid the mess. While this is fine in good weather, when it gets cold or

Children’s Cedar Building Blocks

October 28, 2018
Creating a classic toy: Children’s Cedar Building Blocks One of my favorite shop projects is to create children’s cedar building blocks from rough Tennessee red cedar. After I built my first Adirondack chairs, I had a large amount of scrap wood left over. Our first granddaughter had just

A Custom Farmhouse Table and Bench

October 24, 2018
The Story of the Farmhouse Table with a Race Track While working my day job, one of my managers came to my desk to ask if I could build her a farmhouse table. As it turns out she ordered a farmhouse table and bench on Etsy. However the person she ordered it from fell off the face of the earth and

The Family of Adirondack Chairs

October 4, 2018
Adirondack Chairs in Tennessee Cedar Wood Growing up in Central New York and spending years in the Adirondack Mountains, I grew up seeing all types of Adirondack chairs. But it was not until I moved to middle Tennessee that I attempted to build Adirondack chairs myself. I found plans that gave me

Oak Book Cabinet Pegged (no screws)

August 1, 2018
Taking cabinet building to the next level I wanted to take another step in my building and see if I could build a cabinet without the use of screws. My wife found the plans in an old Woodsmith Magazine and asked me to build the largest bookcase of the set. My plan was to build the entire cabinet

Custom Wooden Ring Bearer Box with Latch

July 12, 2018
Family Projects I was given the opportunity to build the ring bearer box for the up coming wedding of my niece. She provided me with a picture from Pinterest for an example. I said no problem. Bayne Custom Woodworking is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate

Cedar Mini Decorative Planters/Boxes

June 11, 2018
Cedar Mini Decorative Planters/Boxes Using Interlocking Dovetail Joints Having a cedar mill within an hour of my shop allows me to work with some very nice wood. While cedar can be brittle, it is wonderful to work with and makes putting these decorative boxes together a breeze. When working with