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Panic Time or “NOT”

By Roger Bayne 1 month agoNo Comments
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Business is slow, my website numbers are great, and my social media is getting constant compliments, but business is slow. There are a lot of reasons for this and I have my thoughts, but let’s leave those out there for speculation.

So, what to do about it. Do I panic, well let’s be honest, deep inside I do a little bit. Do I change what I am doing and lower my prices? Is my work worth less today than it was yesterday? No, it is not.

I have a friend at church who is an interior designer that I have done work for in the past. I saw her Sunday and she asked how business was. Honestly, we all would want to say at this point that “all is fabulous”. But that’s not true in my case so I replied that business is slow. Yes, I do have projects on the bench but nothing in the pipeline once these are complete. Because misery loves company, I was kind of happy to hear her say that she was slow as well. Yes, I know, I know, not the right thought. But she and I have always been able to have these conversations honestly. It’s nice to have someone like this.

Let’s go back to before I left corporate America and start to answer this question. I have been building for about 30 years and enjoying what I do. Most of the builds were for family. Then about 15 years ago I started to build for customers. Some of those customers were people I worked with so everyone saw my work. I would get asked on a regular basis, “why are you still here and not building full time”? My response then was “When God is ready for me to go full time, He will tell me”. Yes I know, Cliché’ , but the real reason.

So, what was my answer to her or to anyone else during this slow time or any other time where I have a project on the bench but nothing in the pipeline? Here I go with another story, LOL

Over these past years since I became a full time Maker, people would ask if I had enough work. I would always reply “God will not allow me to be any busier than I can handle at any given time” . You see, I work alone and, well, I am not as young as I used to be. We laugh all the time that God knows exactly where I am on a project and new prospects come in just as I begin to finish a present project.

Funny story about this year. Things were slow in January and February, so we decided to take on a personal project of building a garden shed. This would allow us to grow our fruits and vegetables and keep the deer and squirrels at bay. So off I went to clear a 12 x 12 plot of land, put down stone for drainage, build a 12 x 12 deck.

Done, still no projects and my wife said to me, well when God is ready and you are done with this project work will come in.

So now to build an 8 x 12 stud framed building, add chicken wire and a door. Still waiting, so keep working. Time to mill and add cedar 30″ up and and 6″ down on the top. This will make the frame work rigid as well as make it blend into the yard and look nice. I coated all the cedar with NovaWoodExoShield clear Tung oil and sealed the pressure treated framing and deck with a deck stain.

Garden Shed

We built 3 very large planter boxes 90 x 32 x 30 and moved them into the shed.

So, for the most part, this is complete. Oh wait, between the stud work and the box work requests started coming in.
Moral of the story, Yes, I know, my wife and God are always right. I completed the work needed to keep my wife happy which also provides food for our family, all the while finishing the quotes and getting them approved and accepted by the clients. Shed complete, jobs ready to build.

Am business still slow, again, yep, am I panicked, sort of, am I worried, NO!

Let’s be honest, I have a wonderful wife that is a very successful self-publishing book designer and she handles the major income after allowing me to do that for 40 years. So it’s easy to say “how’s your Faith” while business is a struggle. I must stand on my Faith in God to allow this business to move forward.

Funny, that I needed to stop writing this as I went to a checkup and when I returned there were 2 requests in my inbox. Yes, God has a wonderful sense of humor!

Keep the faith. Keep looking up – That’s what I will do

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