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Grandkids Summer 2018

Only by the Grace of God

Someone asked me a while back how I learned how to build things. To this day the only honest answer I can give is “by the grace of God”! I thank Him for the gift because on my own, I am not sure I am patient enough to build. If this is a gift, I do not take it for granted and try to share it with as many people as possible. Especially kids, I love building toys and things that kids can play with and keep for a long time.

I am married to my best friend and have been since 1981. While this may be a cliche and used by almost everyone, I will accept that and use it because it’s true. Without God and her, I would not be who or where I am today. I have two wonderful children that have help me in the adventure. Both of whom have provided us with wonderful, God loving spouses and beautiful grandchildren.

When we started having children I was working in a warehouse and not making a lot of money. I needed to learn how to build toys, cabinets and other things in order for the kids to have things to play with and my wife a place to store things. I learned how to build using old pallet wood from the warehouse and anything I could pick up that was being thrown away.

After 15 years of marriage I made the transition out of the warehouse and into the computer room. While computers provided financially for our family, I never lost the desire to build stuff. However the place I could call a shop was in a damp, dark basement that liked to flood when it rained too hard. I had an old craftsman table saw, a grinder turned into a disk sander, a used band saw and a bunch of hand tools. Once I was able to upgrade to a new table saw things started to come together a bit easier.

In 2009 we made the move from Upstate New York to Middle Tennessee for my day job. After a year of looking at my tools packed in the garage of a rented condo, we found a house with a 20’x25′ out-building that would make a great shop. This shop has allowed me to expand my skills with new tools and more challenging projects.

My family is always providing me with new opportunities to learn on a regular basis, and I use them as guinea pigs. They get some pretty good furniture and toys out of it, all while I continue to learn new skills.

Bayne Custom Woodworking has been our plan to transition out of computers and into building custom keepsakes. It’s not time to retire, but to begin the process of permanently changing my office from a desk punching keys to a bench making sawdust.