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The Top 10 Favorite Basic Tools and Accessories in My Shop

When I started woodworking full-time almost two years ago, my dear wife recommended I find the best tools for safety first and productivity next. She made sense, so I continue to search out good products to keep me safe and products that make my job easier. This is the list of new products I’ve found this year. They’ll make great gifts for your favorite woodworker or DIYer.

I’ve added my affiliate links to them so if you choose to click on them, I’ll make a little extra change, but it won’t cost you anything extra. So in a way any purchases help in the shop and probably donuts for my grandchildren

Rags, yep rags –

Stop tearing up your shirts and add these to your shop.
They are large enough to cut into 4 pieces each and are perfect for applying stain and poly.

Estwing Dead Blow Hammer –

I use this to align every glue up, set clamps and anything that I need to adjust but am tired of hitting with my hand. The two heads allows for both soft and hard tapping.

Kreg KDRV-90DG 90° Pocket-Hole Driver –

I use a lot of Kreg tools, but this is one of my favorites. It allows me to drive screws into hard-to-reach areas.

Wixey Digital Angle Gauge Type 2 with Magnetic Base and Backlight –

This allows me to validate that my table saw, miter saw, jointer, etc… are perfectly square.

Microjig Grr-Ripper GR-100 3D Table Saw Pushblock –

Safety is rule number one in my shop. I use these on my table saw and my jointer to keep my fingers safe.

Venom Steel Unisex Adult Black Gloves –

I have used a lot of different gloves over the years but these are the best I have used. Most gloves I can only use once and Iave to throw them away after each use. With these gloves I can use them multiple times throughout a project before changing them.

Electronic Digital Caliper –

While I have tape measures and steel rulers, this is the tool I use to make sure that each piece of wood for a project is the exact thickness. You will find there are many uses for this tool

Easy Squeeze Bandy Clamps Woodworking –

There are multiple sizes of these, and I have at least 8 in the shop. I use them to hold trim, plywood edging, ect…

BOESHIELD T-9 Rust & Corrosion Protection/Inhibitor and Waterproof Lubrication and Boeshield RustFree Rust and Stain Remover

I use both of these items to maintain any tools that are cast iron like my table saw, jointer, etc… maintenance is important for accuracy as well as safety

Milwaukee 2407-22 M12 3/8 Drill Driver Kit –

this is new to my shop but I have found it to be a valuable tool. While I have and still use my ridged tools, I needed a new 12 volt and this fits the bill. When building furniture 12 volt is really all I need to drive pocket holes, install hinges and drawers slides, etc.. I still have 18 volt tools that I use for large outside jobs, but this is a really nice tool.

PD-100 Full Face Respirator Gas Mask with Organic Vapor and Particulate Filtration from Parcil Safety

It may seem like over kill, but I use a full face respirator on a regular basis to protect my eyes, lungs and face. When I level any type of wood the tool can throw wood chips at any angle. The PD-100 Full Face Respirator Gas Mask with Organic Vapor and Particulate Filtration from Parcil Safety is my go to.

Use discount code BCW-Safety for 20% discount on your purchase – they have a number of different styles of masks that will fill any need.

Safety First, Productivity Second

I hope this list gives you some ideas for your favorite woodworker. We all have tools, we all have needs. Although your shop needs are different than mine and mine are different than the other builder. The one thing we do have in common is the desire to create with our hands.

Check out our resource page for additional tools we use.

What is the favorite addition you’ve made to your shop lately? I’d love to connect with you on social media. Check out my Instagram, YouTube and Facebook channels to see the latest projects in the shop. If you have a project to discuss, you can contact me directly here and I’ll get back to you in 24-48 hours. If you have photos of your ideas, please add them to the form. It’s always helpful to have visuals!

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