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Custom Workbench for Leather Goods Craftsman

Client Request

I received an email from a potential client asking if I could build a custom workbench but he said “Even though its use will be a work bench, I want it to look like a nice piece of furniture, and less like a workbench you would normally see in a garage.

As with each project, we swapped ideas and details concerning the project. There were many specific details that needed to be matched such as:

  • 63.5”L x 36”W x 34”H
  • One solid piece top finished 1.5” thick
  • Solid wood 5”x 5” legs
  • Needs to be on the heavier side for the equipment I’m using on it
  • Need to be able to take it it apart so I can get it up stairs

Definitely A Custom Build

The reason we put “custom” in our name, details like these don’t concern me in the least. As a matter of fact, challenges like these are what keeps the company growing and push me to enhance my trade.

This conversation went on through a number of emails to the final conclusion that ended with 6 x 6 legs and final length of 88” L x 36” W x 34” H made with Ash. Watch this video on Instagram to see some of the work involved in the project.

Large Ash Custom Workbench for Leather Good Craftsman

How Did You Find Us?

But the real point to this post is the question I always ask someone who contacts me. “How did you find me”? The answer reminded me of how small this world is now because of the internet and social media.

I’ve been following y’all on Instagram since before I moved to Tennessee a few years ago. So I’m excited to be getting a piece from you finally!

Of course my response – “I appreciate the fact that you have followed for a while now. When did you move to Tennessee and where from?”

We moved here beginning of 2017. I had a leather goods shop in Salt Lake City called Winding Wheel Supply. I had to leave that behind when I moved here for a job opportunity. So since I have gotten into the swing of things with my new job, I have time to start my own leather goods company here in Tennessee. Excited to get back into it and get a work bench from you for my small home shop

From the perspective of an introvert by nature, this just blew my mind.

Custom Workbench in the Shop

If I say so myself, the custom workbench turned out great and looks perfect in his home office/shop.

Final custom workbench designed and built by Bayne Custom Woodworking

Who is this client?

Kenny Bozich of Golden Age Supply Co,. Handmade Leather Goods Durable leather goods made by hand
Built on quality & honesty, Long live the golden age. Made in Tennessee.

A talented artist with wonderful skills and craftsmanship – follow him on Instagram at GoldenAgeSupply

Handcrafted Wallet from Golden Age Supply Company

Do you need something unique made?

We’d be happy to speak to you about your project. Send us an email through our contact page and let’s chat!

Meanwhile be sure and follow us on Instagram to see what’s happening in the shop. We’d love to see you follow us on YouTube as well – be an early subscriber and watch me while I work!

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