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How to build a mobile cart

Plans for a Workshop Mobile Cart

How do you manage the workshop projects when they are large and heavy? I needed a solution that would help me work on a multiple projects, especially when I need to move them around the space.

I needed something to move projects around without dragging because that can take it out of square a project is or even ruin the finish.

The Solution

I built 2 mobile carts that allow me to not only move items around but also raise the projects higher and get them off the floor. Each cart is about 24”x 48” with ¾ plywood. I use Rockler Workbench Casters so I can move them  around easily but also lower them to be firm on the floor when needed.

This cart also works well when I need to roll a project out of the way so I can work on something else.

Plans here

This link provides the materials and dimensions needed to build the carts.

As you can see from the plans I also use the Homeright spray tent in the winter months to paint or stain projects and the carts allow me to roll a project in and out of the tent easily.

What do you need built?

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