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Woodworkers Wish List

December 10, 2021
Need help finding just the right thing for your woodworker for the holidays? We have our woodworkers wish list full of the best stocking stuffers we use in our shop!

What Does “Custom Woodworking” Mean?

July 19, 2021
What Does “Custom Woodworking” Mean? In simple terms the term “custom woodworking” means building a one of a kind, single item from the raw wood to a finished project. It’s a very different process than shopping at your local box store or favorite online “home

Tips for Creating the Ultimate Indoor Workshop

December 8, 2020
Tips for Creating the Ultimate Indoor Workshop REPOST: Recently we were given the opportunity to participate in blog post for the national realty company RedFin – here is the post in its entirety. As colder weather approaches, many Americans are starting to spend more and more time indoors.

The Newest Tools in the Shop

November 22, 2020
We’ve Upgraded the Tools in the Workshop The goal this year is working smarter, not harder. We’ve added tools not only because they make my builds easier, I also needed them to take some of the stress off my body. Check out the tools that serve as an extra hand I need for the heavier

Live Edge Slabs with Hairpin Legs

April 26, 2020
We Love Turning Live Edge Slabs into Furniture. Especially with modern hairpin legs. Each slab is unique and we love imagining what we could make out of each piece! Harvesting Wood From A Tornado Ever since we began this business we look at wood in a different way. Early March of this year we had a

Custom Workbench for a Leather Goods Craftsman

December 28, 2019
Client Request I received an email from a potential client asking if I could build a custom workbench but he said “Even though its use will be a work bench, I want it to look like a nice piece of furniture, and less like a workbench you would normally see in a garage.“ As with each

Mobile Carts for the Workshop

November 12, 2019
Plans for a Workshop Mobile Cart How do you manage the workshop projects when they are large and heavy? I needed a solution that would help me work on a multiple projects, especially when I need to move them around the space. I needed something to move projects around without dragging because that

Building an Honor Flag Display Case

October 6, 2019
Building an Honor Flag Display Case Adding the word custom to your business name is something I do not take lightly. So when someone asks for something special, like building a Honor Flag Display Case, I do my best to make their vision a reality. And when the request is presented by your oldest

Using Reclaimed Wood to Create Memories

May 13, 2019
The first step when working on reclaimed wood is to carefully separate the pieces. Next remove any metal - so you don't mess up your machines! The old nails and staples were removed but the holes become part of the

DIY Floating shelves

February 18, 2019
There is no real mystery to floating shelves. You need something attached to the wall with supports that the actual shelf will slide into hiding the support attached to the wall. Or you can use that support as part of the shelf. Here is how I did it. Disclaimer up front: I purchased a Festool

Building a Wooden Doll Stroller

January 22, 2019
The perfect gift for a little girl Our second granddaughter is very, very tiny. When she was born she reminded me of a fragile tea cup so her nickname is “Teacup”. We needed something that matched her size and personality. She is in love with her babies therefore building a wooden doll stroller

Building a Child’s Wooden Shopping Cart

January 7, 2019
Wooden Toys for Kids This year our eldest granddaughter showed me a photo of a child’s wooden shopping cart and asked if I could build it. “Of course” I said, and then went searching for plans! I was able to find a nice set of plans to use here. These plans for the shopping cart