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The Perfect Size Drawing Area for Toddlers:

(If you’re not a DIYer we can build this art table for you – just email us here!)

Whether it’s for washable paints, washable markers or crayons, your child will have hours of fun creating and discovering their imagination with this table. This was the biggest hit with both parents and grandchildren this year.

This was created after being asked by my oldest granddaughter for an easel when she was 3. However when I mentioned this to my artist wife, she didn’t like the idea of those child water-color paints running down the easel and making a mess.

So after some idea sharing we came up with this art table.



The table is 36″ long x 23 1/4″ wide. This size is because we chose to use melamine as the work space or cleaning purposes and this is the size sold at Lowes.

It sits 4 inches off the floor or a table top if you choose to place it on a table. We have found if it sits on the floor that our younger grandchildren actually feel comfortable enough to climb on it and sit while they color.

The paper roll support (23 1/4″ x 4″)is made from 3/4″ oak with a 3/4″ oak dowel to hold the roll. I added a 1/2″ oak dowel to run the paper under in order for the paper to stay in place.

This paper roll sits on top of the work space and is secured with screws.

What is not shown in the drawing is that I used a flat bungee strap, purchased at Lowes, in order to hold the paper down at the opposite end of the work table.

The canister holder (23 1/4″ x 4″) is also made of 3/4″ oak with 5 3″ holes to hold the paint/brush containers we purchased from Amazon.
I added a solid board, planed to 1/2″ so not to interfere with the containers we ordered in order to secure the canister holder to table apron for stability.

The legs are milled to 1 1/2″ x 1 1/2″ x 4″ and are secured together by 1 1/2″ apron.
On the paper roll end as well as both front and back, the legs and apron are located 2″ in from the edge.
On the canister end, the legs and apron are flush to the end. This placement allows for the Canister holder to be secured to the apron. The top of the canister holder will be flush with the top of the work space.


Because I mill my own material all dimensions are actual and not nominal.

  • 1 – 1x4x8 Oak Board for Paper Holder and Canister holder
  • 1 – 3/4″ Oak Dowel
  • 1 – 1/2″ Oak Dowel
  • 1 – 2x4x8 used to mill legs
  • 1 – 1x4x8 pine for apron

I used stained and polyurethane on all the oak for easy cleaning.
The legs and apron can be painted or stained at your discretion

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