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    Barnwood Entryway Coat Rack and Bench

Art Center Cabinet and Table –

Most of my biggest challenges come from my family. My daughter in law challenged me to build an art center cabinet and table for her to use with her children.

Using SketchUp I came up with the basic design

Below is the final project with 4 drawers, a shelf accessible through 2 doors. The door fronts are inset with tin for those little magnet letters the kids can use to arrange and learn to spell.

However the biggest challenge was to get a table top with a large surface enough to work on but did not take so much floor space that it was an obstruction.
So, I used a method I used on a kitchen table built a few years back and created a flip out table top using butler hinges. As opposed to a drop leaf that would cover the drawers and doors, this top flips out to give a space from 24″ to 48″ when fully opened.

Next challenge! How do I support the table when fully open? Why Corbels of course! I designed and built my own out of oak and used hinges to open and close them


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