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Toys built by Grandpa –

Of all the things I build, toys for my grandchildren will always top of my enjoyment list.

Below is a quick post of some of the toys built for birthdays, Christmas and “just cause” I’m Grandpa

Wheel Barrel made with Poplar body, Cedar handles and legs.

Riding carts with storage in the back. Made of Poplar with oak dowels as handles. Swivel wheels to allow for mobility

Child’s push cart made of Poplar and painted with Acrylic paint for durability.  I used lawn mower wheels and steel rod for axle.


Bathroom stool to assist in reaching those hard to reach faucets and washing hands

Story boards to track height, growth and memories. Names added for each child and built to be portable. What is hard to show is there are measurement markings on each board starting at 36″ so the board can be mounted at 24″ from floor and measure up to 72″


Learning steps/Stool so the can all color together or help grandma bake.


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Husband, father and grandfather - Roger has been developing his woodworking skills for over 30 years. He enjoys the challenge of recycling trees into furniture and toys.

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