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Changing table build

Baby Changing Table

Last weekend it was time to load up the the truck with the the changing table, and a few other supplies, and head to see the expecting couple.

We arrived closer to Friday than we did Thursday, but we did arrive safely with the table in one piece.

The girls found baskets of the appropriate color, of course and Grandma Bayne sewed a new cover for the pad.

But that wasn’t the only project. We helped refurbish a $2.00 makeup table, installed a closet organizer and helped David finish the master bathroom.

Changing table

Bathroom (3)

He did a great job on the bathroom!! ok….. Sarah helped too.

Then we spent Sunday with David’s parents at their house and cruised the lake on the pontoon boat. What a wonderful, restful afternoon.

Our time in South Bend is always too short.

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