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The old saying “if it were easy anyone could do it” applied to this build. While this build was a challenge, it was a great learning experience.

My daughter-in-law wanted a cabinet that would hold both a single kitchen trash can and 2 recycle bins. Originally we discussed using tip out doors but concluded that sleds would be more efficient. She was gracious allowing me to change some of the dimensions to fit both the area and containers.

Off to the drawing board to figure out sizes and specs to fit the area of the kitchen and dimensions of the cans.

After building the base cabinet with correct openings for the containers, I set out to build the sleds. Yes I could have purchased them from Lowes, but given the custom sizes and expense of the manufactured sleds, it was easier to build them.

2015-04-05 10.34.39 2015-04-06 19.05.25

Fits nicely in the location it was built for. Thank you for the opportunity


The next project is well under way which I will post when completed.

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