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    Storm Aftermath Provides Opportunity for Woodworker
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    Panic Time or “NOT” when business is slow?
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    How dry it is!
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    Gift Ideas for Woodworkers and Makers each under $70
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Storm Aftermath Provides Opportunity for Woodworker

July 5, 2024
Saving Cedar Logs from the Burn Pile It was Christmas week 2021 and our household was getting ready for the celebration. The anticipation of grandchildren arriving soon was on our minds. But it was time for rest before the chaos began. So off to bed we went with our heads on the pillow and covers

Panic Time or “NOT” when business is slow?

April 12, 2024
Don’t be Discouraged when Business is Slow Business is slow, my website numbers are great, and my social media is getting constant compliments, but business is slow. There are many reasons for this and I have my thoughts, but let’s leave those out there for speculation. So, what to do about
Wood Projects

How dry it is!

December 15, 2023
Strange question to ask at the opening of a blog post, but here goes. How do your hands and lips feel today? Are they starting to dry and crack? Do your hands feel more slick or more slippery than normal when picking up items? I ask these questions because when I am working in the shop, the wood

Gift Ideas for Woodworkers and Makers each under $70

November 26, 2023
Some of my favorite tools that make every project easier (and safer too!) I’m often asked for gift ideas for woodworkers, so we put together a list of 11 Gift Ideas for Woodworkers and Makers under $70.00 These are tools that I use on a regular basis in my wood shop. Each of these items will

Custom Gift Products for Sale

November 19, 2023
Custom Gift Products for Sale Each summer we sit down and discuss the custom gift products we will have for sale for the Christmas season. We love providing a few unique gifts we’ve designed as well as offering larger pieces of furniture we’ve made from lumber we’ve collected over

Saving Memories

December 29, 2022
Saving Memories Another aspect of Bayne Custom Woodworking has been helping people save memories. Maybe an item has been destroyed in a tornado or during a move. Why throw them away when we can help create new items to keep those memories alive. From Tornado Destruction to New Treasures This year

Custom Furniture Projects

December 23, 2022
Custom Furniture Projects Dominate 2022 The old adage “ when you do something you love you never have to work a day in your life”. That really does sum up 2022 for me. God has been gracious this year to provide a variety of custom furniture projects to keep the shop busy on a regular basis.

Woodworker/DIY Christmas List

December 4, 2022
The Top 10 Favorite Basic Tools and Accessories in My Shop When I started woodworking full-time almost two years ago, my dear wife recommended I find the best tools for safety first and productivity next. She made sense, so I continue to search out good products to keep me safe and products that

Choosing the Best Safety Mask for Woodworking

September 16, 2022
Choosing the Best Safety Mask for Woodworking Safety comes first in my woodworking shop. Everyone talks about keeping their digits away from the many dangerous tools we use, but I’m also concerned about keeping my lungs free of wood dust. It’s very important to find the best protection,

Mid-Century Modern Dining Table

August 27, 2022
Mid-Century Modern Dining Table Recently we had the opportunity of building a mid-century modern dining table. Project ideas and designs come from a number of different angles. But one of the most interesting and popular angles is from pictures. I will get an email from a prospective client with a

Build a Child Size Adirondack Chair

May 22, 2022
How to Build a Child Size Adirondack Chair We’ve been building Adirondack Chairs for over 10 years now. Our adult sized chairs are favorites for their curved back and wide arms. They’re perfect for relaxing on the back porch while the kids play. Once we had grandchildren, we started

The First Year in Business

February 22, 2022
The First Full Year as a Woodworker Sometimes this woodworking business dictates that I sit and wait for things to dry. Patience is not my thing and patience when I am not being productive is even worse. Today I have two large projects sitting in my shop that have been milled, assembled and