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Cedar Strawberry Planter

A New Home for the Strawberries

The day started off with a trip to Grant Cedar mill in Gordonsville, Tn. With the wood loaded up and strapped down it’s time to head home. Nice way to start the weekend after a long week at the office.

This cedar planter project is for my sweet wife. She has been fighting with the squirrels over her strawberries and the squirrels are winning – remember the saying “Happy Wife, Happy Life?” That’s my goal for today.

Back to the shop for cutting and assembly. 2 1/2 hours later and it’s ready for dirt. We didn’t want to fill the entire planter to full depth so we built a ledge about 12 inches down and laid wood planks across the width, added a plant cloth to keep the dirt from dropping down and added a combination of soil and fertilizer. A few days later we attached a cage with a top lid to make the squirrels crazy and we’ve had the best strawberry year ever!



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