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Adult and Kids Adirondack Chairs

I grew up in upstate New York where Adirondack chairs are everywhere. But it was not until I moved to middle Tennessee that I attempted to build an Adirondack chair myself.

I found plans that gave me the basic design to build the adult chairs. But the classic chair is uncomfortable so I made some adjustment to fit my style and the type of wood that I have available.

We think we’ve designed the most comfortable Adirondack chairs available – and we have sat in many styles!

Our Cedar Adirondack Chairs

We have a local cedar mill where I can purchase rough cut lumber for a great price. I am buying wood that is actually thicker, wider and longer than wood purchased at a brick front store. 

Where a nominal 2”x 4”x 96” bought at a local lumber store is actually 1.5 x 3.5 x 96. The cedar I purchase is 2 ¼ x 4 ¼ x 102 inches. Once run through the surface planer to clean up the roughness and sanded, I am able to build with actual 2” x 4” or 2” x 6” lumber. This makes the chairs heavier, sturdier and more durable.

Because of the size of the wood I assemble the legs and main supports with 3/8” carriage bolts. The arms, seat boards and backs are all assembled with 2” to 3” exterior screws. I pre-drill all the holes prior to inserting any screws. I do this because cedar, or any wood for that matter, can split at any time.

This is why they’re the most comfortable Cedar Adirondack Chairs

The actual finished chair stands 38” tall x 39” long and 33” wide. They weigh about 35 lbs. and can seat a large adult very well but also comfortable for my tiny-framed wife.

The rise of the seat from the knees to the ground for your feet is 13 ½ inches. The seat reclines backward naturally but not so much that it is hard to stand from a seated position.

The back is curved to support the natural curve of your back allowing for a more comfortable fit. The back is 32” tall to support even a taller person.

The arms have been described as looking like whales so they are narrow where they fasten to the back of the chair and wide in the front for a cup, a book or even a laptop if you choose to work outside.

We even have a child’s size Adirondack chair:Child's Adirondack Chair

The smaller child chairs complete the family!

These also are made with rough cedar milled and sanded to size to make the chairs sturdy. As with the adult chairs the wood will be thicker, wider and stronger than nominal wood. I use all true 1” lumber for the support pieces, legs and arms. I then use ¾” cedar for the seat and back.

All items are secured with 2” exterior screws pre-drilled before assembly.

The rise from the bend in the knee to the ground is at 8 ½ inches with the seat having a gradual recline allowing for a comfortable seat.

The back is also curved and 21” tall to support the child’s back and allow for their head to relax on the chair.


While red cedar has a pink color after removing the roughness and sanding, it will turn brown and even gray if left outside. I treat my chairs with an oil base exterior spar finish to withstand any climate. This is the same finish that is applied to a wood boat.

Need a set of Adirondack Chairs in Middle Tennessee? Contact us!

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