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Merry Christmas Post

How to fill the stocking of your favorite woodworker

We have the woodworkers wish list you can use for your favorite woodworker, DIY’er or handy person?

These are some of my favorites that I use on an almost daily basis in the shop and around the house. We made this woodworkers wish list easy for you with all the links below pointing to Amazon except one. So sit back and fill your cart and your shopping will be done! Merry Christmas!

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Amazon Basics Painter’s Tripods, 10-Pack

This first item is and item I use when I stain, paint or polyurethane any project or item. They are painters tripods that raise the item so it may dry evenly without leaving marks. Top priority on your woodworkers wish list.

Bahco 665 Premium Ergonomic Carbide Scraper, 2-1/2″

This is the scraper I use to scrape off glue that drips while clamoing items together. I usually scrape the glue off after it hardens for about 45 minutes and then reclamp. However, you can use it after the glue has fully hardened as well. The reason I scrape the glue instead of wiping off with rag when it is wet, is because the wet glue can embed into the grain of the wood and not cover well with stain.

GRR-RIPPER 3D Pushblock for Table Saws, Router Tables, Band Saws, and Jointers by MICROJIG

Safety is key on the shop or when running any power tool. This Micro-Jig GRR-RIPPER keeps your fingers and hands away from spinning blades and router bits.

Bessey BPC-H12 1/2-Inch H Style Pipe Clamps

Some of the easiest and universal clamps are pipe clamps because you can easily change the length of a clamp by changing the length of pipe. These make the job of adjusting the length quick and easy.

Kreg KMA2900 Multi-Mark Multi-Purpose Marking and Measuring Tool

This is a measuring tool I carry to in my pocket to measure and mark anything shorter or narrower than 6”. Its perfect to validate the width or thickness of wood.

Crayola Drawing Chalk Sticks, Assorted Colors, Box Of 24

I use chalk when I need to draw on a board for Charcuterie boards or any item I am trying to create shapes on the fly. Chalk sands off or wipes off easily so I can change my mind. The grandkids love it too!

Titebond Glue

In my opinion the best glue on the market. They have varieties for different applications and uses. This is the basic interior glue I use for cabinets, tables, etc… They also make a great wood glue to use for items that may get wet such as cutting boards.

DIXON Industrial Carpenter Pencils, Medium, Black and Silver, 6-Pack, (14206)

You can never have enough pencils handy in the shop. We like the flat and the round ones (Round ones are available at Lowes if your woodworker is particular!)

Estwing – DFH-12 Rubber Mallet – 12 oz Double-Face Hammer with Soft/Hard Tips & Hickory Wood Handle – DFH12,Black Red & Yellow

This is known as a “dead blow” hammer that I use when I need to align pieces for cabinets, cutting boards, tables, etc.. The beauty of this tool is it doesn’t not leave a mark on the wood of your finished product.

Any Firm Grip glove at Home Depot

Last, but not least, are Firm Grip gloves from Home Depot. They make a variety of gloves for a variety of chores and jobs. I use their gloves when I am handling rough lumber to avoid slivers and cuts in my hands. On a side note, they make great gardening gloves as well

Safety First

These inexpensive items continue to protect my hands and make my job easier. It’s all about safety and getting the job done well. I’m always keeping an eye open for the NEXT thing to make the shop run smoother and I’ll be sure to share it with all of you here and on social.

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Need some custom woodworking? Contact Roger directly here. Merry Christmas!

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