Childs Vanity

June 20, 2016
I was asked by a 6 year old to build a vanity. It was good practice for the future builds for my girls. This will double as a desk as well.

Jelly Cabinet

April 17, 2016
Jelly Cabinet – Another project completed for my bride to store her canned goods from the garden. Made of white oak with English Chestnut Stain on top and white chalk paint on balance of cabinet. Doors are made with 1/4″ hardware cloth which resembles chicken wire type of mesh. Plans

A Child’s Bed

March 19, 2016
A Saturday Afternoon Project – What do you do with a crib mattress, spare/scrap cedar and an hour? You build a lil’munchkin bed for a 28 month

Hanging File Folder Boxes

January 5, 2016
Christmas Gifts and Projects This year brought a short list of Christmas gifts and projects. Wooden Hanging File Folder Crates: I was emailed a picture from Target saying these would make a great Christmas gift. So using the dimensions in the picture I  built these for a Christmas present. After

Cedar Coffee Table

October 21, 2015
I had the opportunity to acquire a rough piece of cedar. When a friend saw it, he requested a coffee table for a gift. Yet another challenge to create a custom , exclusive piece. Another woodworking friend recommended the use of table top bow ties/butterflies to eliminate the possibility of the

Campfire ready

August 8, 2015
Trying my hand at red cedar Adirondack chairs.

China Hutch

May 13, 2015
My daughter asked for a china hutch/cabinet at Christmas. So when we visited in late March we finalized the thoughts and concepts of what she wanted and started building. The original thought was I would have time to get the base cabinet completed prior to our next trip. However the cabinet

Another successful “first time” build

April 8, 2015
The old saying “if it were easy anyone could do it” applied to this build. While this build was a challenge, it was a great learning experience. My daughter-in-law wanted a cabinet that would hold both a single kitchen trash can and 2 recycle bins. Originally we discussed using tip out doors

Entry Table with drawers

February 22, 2015
First of many  projects requested for 2015 is a Sofa or Console table for my wife that will be placed in the entry way of the house.   But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, while this is the finished product, it was a process of research, learning, buying of tools and finding a new supplier

Office really finished now

June 27, 2014
These are the final pieces needed to call the office a completed project. Cabinet Materials: 2 sheets of sanded cabinet grade plywood 1×3 pine for door frames Bead board for door inlays Non mortise inset hinges 2 pieces of 1.5″ x 12″ x 10′ Red Cedar joined with biscuit joints

Needed some muscle

May 14, 2014
Had to call in the troops to get Becky’s sewing table counter top upstairs. Office is getting closer to

Old Bedroom–New Office–Revisit

March 30, 2014
If you didn’t see the older post “Old Bedroom-New Office” visit the link before reading on. This project started sometime in early January and finally became workable space Saturday March 29th. But before we could move her desk in, I needed to remanufacture part of the old desk. The original