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Old Bedroom-New Office

March 10, 2014
Warning, long post. You may want coffee before starting! When we bought the house in May of 2010, Becky claimed the Bonus room over the garage for her office. However being the kind mother that she is, she rented it to Jeremy until he decided on a permanent solution. That solution came in the form

Time to deliver the changing table

July 17, 2013
Baby Changing Table Last weekend it was time to load up the the truck with the the changing table, and a few other supplies, and head to see the expecting couple. We arrived closer to Friday than we did Thursday, but we did arrive safely with the table in one piece. The girls found baskets of the
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Baseball holder

June 29, 2013
A good friend of mine takes his son on a yearly trip to different baseball parks, and they always seem to get at least one baseball. He decided to build a rack to hold the baseballs and asked if he could use the shop to do it. Of course! But we had a couple of things to work through before we
Wood Projects

Patio Table

May 25, 2013
Took a break from other projects to build my wife an eatin’